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Date: March 19th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

March 19th 1944

Assiniboia Sask.

My Dear Billy,

When I know you are not getting my letter it seems like just writing down my thoughts or talking to myself but here is hoping they will all catch up with you soon. Your letter of March 8th arrived here on the 16th. Not bad eh? Sent a cable on Friday to let you know we are thinking of you and they may find you by cable. We are still in Assiniboia and hope to stay here until the end of June. I am afraid June would not get along very well with strangers. There would not be very much difference between her board and house rent and Lillian seems quite anxious to board Dad. Of course she soon tires of anything and I will have to go back for harvest. Saw Mrs. Crosson down town yesterday and had quite a talk. She wants you and Allan to get together. He is not far from Birmingham so he cannot be very far from you. He is not getting his parcels and letters either neither is Tubby Hewitt. He is learning to be a flight engineer and is in Whales for 8 weeks. I'll send Allan's number R155742 Sgt. Crosson and here is Teddies address Mc Donald E.V. R 107625. 8422 Service Echelon R.C.A.F. Earl Wiltsie is on the same station as Wallie Eaglestone of Readlyn. Wally got a commission. It snows a little every night and then melts the next day. It is badly needed too. We have had a very mild March as far as wind is concerned. Not much sun and rather cold some days. Mrs. Gibbons and I went to the St. Patrick dance and such a drunken mob as you ever saw. It was so crowded no one could dance. The airport is closing in August and the Mossbank in Dec. Don is wondering what they will be doing with him. This town will be dead when the ports close. Well news is so darn scares I'll soon have to tell yarns to fill up the page and get my money's worth. The 2 Padfield boys and Reg Dean were coming out of Readlyn with a load of coal and never saw the train but the train hit the back of the truck and dragged the truck down the track. It was a complete wreck and the boys landed in the hospital but I think they were only shook up. They had just spent $160.00 on the truck. They might just as well been in Italy and doing some good. Well will sign off for now. Hope you get mail soon. Am sending another box. Let me know what you want. Oceans of Love and mountains of luck.


I was dreaming about you last night. I thought some instructor was getting after you for something and I went to the interfere of course and you said," It is alright mother I should have known."

Love Mother

PSS Did you know the fellow Ciss Sterling of Crane Valley was engaged to? Sibilus or something like that. He was one of the fellows killed in the plane when Walter was taken prisoner of War. Walter wrote to the fellow's sister and told her Poor Walter hasn't received any mail whatsoever. He was taken prisoner in September.

Love Mother