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Date: March 2nd 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

March 2nd 1944
RCAF Overseas

Dear Folks.

Well here I am again and just as good as ever except for mail. For I still haven't received any mail and it has been two months now since I left. I guess the mail is just not getting through as yet. I get some leave a week from this week end at least a 48 anyway so I think I will go to visit the address that Scotty Mckay gave me its not far from here so I won't be spending all my time traveling like I did on my last leave. Things are much the same as usual around here and still cold and damp but we have had the odd day that is very nice. But boy my appetite sure hasn't changed I'm scared my system isn't going to stand the amount of food that I eat. I suppose you will be moving back to the farm soon by now, how is June getting along in Assiniboia and Jerry how is he I hope all is well and fine. How did Dad make out with his bowling this winter did he walk off with any cup or anything. Boy cigarettes sure aren't very cheap over here they cost 60 cents for 20 then you can hardly smoke them for they are so hard on the throat. Will you send me some good Canadian cigarettes for I am right out of Canadian cigarettes that I got on the boat I wrote a letter to Earl last night and I guess I will write Lorne and Don soon for that's all I have to do here at nights as yet. I have chances of getting into an all Canadian crew which I will appreciate very much, I should know for sure by to-morrow. To morrow is pay day the first pay day I have been on for over three weeks. How is Leila getting along with her troubles.

Well I guess I have run down again so I will close again for now.

With Oceans of Love

PS I am sending this letter to Willows not knowing weather you are on the farm or in town