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Date: March 22nd 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

March 22nd 1941
St Thomas Ont.

Dear Folks,

Well here it is the second day of spring and I have spent the last 10 days in the hospital. It sure has been two lovely days of spring here but we have to sit inside and look out at it. The is no snow on the ground here and I do believe the grass is beginning to turn green again. At exams time down here they were still plowing the fields so there never has been much snow down here.

The spring fashion are starting for the secretarys and girls that work here have to walk by here on there way to work and we can see all the new fashions.

After our group finished washing and drying the supper dishes the other day we got two bottles of milk and 2 quarts of apple juice and some cookies to devour not bad eh for a little work.

When a person becomes CB on account of S. fever in here he still goes to school and all but he can't leave the grounds. All air men who are positive from the Dick test are C.B. The fellows who are negative are free to go anywhere they wish.

When a person is C.B. for S. F. he stays C.B. until his body is built up by inoculations to prove negative in a dick test. It might take 5 or more inoculations

So at last the old Delco flew apart eh what caused it does Dad know.

Has Ronnie heard anything more from the RCAF he sure would have to tame down in here, I haven't answered his letter for the S.F. might carry. In fact I haven't answered Bob Tempeltons or Bruces either.

I don't know or can place this Eddie Kolosky girl how is she.

I only have a month course here and then I am posted out on posts such as Mossbank etc. So maybe I can get posted West which would to [?]. They give you a choice of two places but that still doesn't prove that you will get the place you ask for but they will consider them first.

I won't be able to take any pictures until I get out of here then I will try and get a photo picture for I will have about $55.00 saved up. I guess I should say fed for the won't give you money while in the hospital but pay it all when you get out. I will price a pair of pants too but some say that it isn't wise to do that for your tounic is worn more than your special pants and this becomes different shades. A tunick is $12.00 a little high eh.

I haven't answered Aunt Dorothy's letter or Aunt Thurzas letter yet and I don't know whether I should or not on account of this S.F.

We heard the fight last night Able Simon sure could take it but he couldn't give it is what it seemed like.

I haven't got my summer hat yet and it seems like I never will. I would like my summer hat for my photo pictures if I took one.

They are taking one of the bays or rooms in the isolation hospital and turning it into recreation room for the patients. Before we just hang around our beds but now we have to stay in the Recreation room that is all the patients.

Well I guess this is all I can think of for now I guess I will send this one Air Mail.

Hope this finds you all fine with love

Your son