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Date: March 22nd 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

March 22nd 1944
RCAF Overseas

Dear Folks

Received your most welcome letter yesterday that you wrote on March 5th. It was the first letter that I received from you for about two weeks or more I guess its not coming through. Apparently my letters are sure traveling eh to get home in six day s they use to take that long from Mont Joli by it mail.

Give my congratulations to Don eh for getting his 3rd but boy he wants to put that notion of coming over here out of his head He couldn't get a better job than he has right now

I wrote to Deans they should have the letter by now I will have to write Don one of these days

I am glad to hear that June is doing better at school I supose she will be finishing the term in Assiniboia now that she has started.

I am also glad to here that Leila is much better I wrote Lorne and Lillian about ten days ago and I also wrote Earl and Winnie about the same time.

Boy it really is damp over here but there is the odd day that it is really mild.

I was flying this morning but I have the afternoon off so I played a couple of games of pool and now I am writing you a letter so its not to bad a days work eh.

We get oranges here we get about three a week they give it too us as fruit for our meals I am wearing underwear now that we are training in flying but they issued me three more suits for flying so I am OK. There could stand a sweater though.

I am glad to hear that Dad was able to do some curling this past winter how did he make out in the finals or did he have a team init.

This thing about this $10.00 no I haven't got it yet but what was it for did you send it by letter or by bank, it might get through by mail I hope. I will be glad to get the cigarettes and thanks a lot for sending them.

There is 7 hours difference between here and Sask so when I go to work after dinner you are just thinking of getting up.

No it wasn't one of the Queens but the show with the story of La Pastuer sure was good.

I am in an all Canadian crew with the exception of one and he is a RAF. My pilot is from Vancouver, The other gunner is from Winnipeg Navigator from Ontario and The Bombardier from Ontario so we are a Canada wide crew. I like them all and we get along fine.

I got a letter from Aunt Greta they are going to send me some parcels to I guess. But I can stand them all we get two bars of chocolate a week here I've got to get my self a bicycle though for I walk about nine miles a day to mess work and back

Well I guess I have run down again so I guess I will have to close for now

So Good by for now hope to here from you soon

With Oceans of Love

PS say hello to all