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Date: March 26th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

March 26th 1944

Assiniboia, Sask.

My Dear Billie,

Sunday night again and time to write your weekly letter. I do hope you have received some mail by now. I should have numbered my letters and you would know how many you get of them. The weather has been quite cold this week. -12 below yesterday but warmer to-day. We had George, Archie, Muriel, Mary Spicer and George's nephew who is up from Ontario, Bruce McNeil's brother of Hector McNeil who was here sometime ago. Hector and Florence McLean were married in Ontario last Tuesday. You remember she was so fat. The other McLean girl went to Ontario and was married last fall. This Bruce McNeil is only 17 but is 6 ft.3" and takes a size 14 shoe and weighs over 200 pounds. Hector is 6 ft. His bones are very chalky and he cannot wrestle for fear he breaks a bone. He looks so funny to have a young boyish face on such a huge body. Billie did you ever hear the nursery rhyme "Ride a cock horse to Ban bury Cross". Do you get it? The Padfield boy who was driving the truck when the train wrecked it, had to pay a fine of $5.00 and had his license suspended for 10 days and has to pay damages to the C.P.R. They are fixing the truck but it will take between $700 and $800.oo to get it to run. He has driven a car every day since his license was taken away from him. He sure has been acting smart for sometime and I don't suppose this will tame him down at all. The C.G.I.T. had their Mother's and Daughters banquet on the 24th. We had a real nice time. June enjoys going to the C.G.I.T. She made 95 in an exam this week and was she ever pleased. She cannot seem to conqueror the arithmetic. Dad, Jerry & I are going to Moose Jaw and Regina this week and Winnie and David are coming in to stay with June.
George is taking 4 or 5 head of cattle to Moose Jaw Tuesday for us. The price is going down and the country is full of cattle. They have about 60 little pigs from 6 mamma pigs and 2 more to hear from. I sent you a parcel on the 24th. I have no idea what to send you. I think some hot drinks might warm you up so I sent hot chocolate and oxo cubes. Did you get the cigarettes and the cable Post? I hope the oranges keep until you get them. Winston Churchill spoke on the radio to-day. Did you hear him? Did you see Buckingham Palace when you were in London? Ronnie Corman is still in Quebec at Three Rivers. I don't think he will do much in this war if he is on this side of the pond. Tom and Harry Price were born in Birmingham. The curling is just about over. The curlers in town have got tired of it but not the ones from the country. Dad & Tom Price would like to curl every night. Well I am running out of something to say. We didn't hear from you this week but here is hoping we get one soon. I still feel as though I were putting my thoughts on paper when you aren't receiving any mail. Do write often and tell us what your quarters are like, what you get to eat and if you want us to send you anything besides cigarettes. Clarence Greensides left on Thursday. His leave turned out to be an embarkation leave. He is paratrooper. Well I'll say good night and May God bless you and keep you until the war is over.

Oceans of love and mountains of luck from Mother and Home