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Date: March 30th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

March 30th 1941
St Thomas Ont.

Dear Folks

Sure was glad to receive your letter the mail in the hospital here is slow and it is lucky if get your mail. I suppose you have wondered why all the scribbling so far well I am back in bed again yeh. I had a relapse last Thursday my tonsils and neck all swelled up and naturally I went back to bed. My throat wasn't sore to swallow but to try and raise or turn it was a sun of a gun. Well I have been in bed ever since. One M.O. medical officer had come in on his rounds in the morning and look at my throat he said those chestnuts would have to come out that was on Thursday. To-day the M.O. came around, a different one from Thursday and I had rubbed my throat with linament and rapped a towel around it, he says what have you got a towel around your neck for I says to make some heat for the Glands of my neck. You see the M.O. never recommended liniment as a treatment.

He says what do you want heat for

I says to help the glands. So he feels my glands and he says these have gone down. I says yes but they weren't always down so then he says C.T. without the towel to the nurse C.T. means continue treatment. My treatment is 18 pills a day + gargling.

But it wasn't for my heat treatment I bet my throat wouldn't be better yet.

I don't feel to bad right now but my face is pelling all over again and my hands are all peeling they look terrible .I am pretty week to walk around being in bed but I am gradually gaining.

The M.O. cut out that 7day leave all to-gether unless you had been very sick.

Then when I got sick the M.O. and others thought I was swinging the lead until I proved to him I was sick.

Cecil Goes out Monday with a three day sick leave I wouldn't have gotten any if I hadn't of had this relapse but I might possibly get some now, I am suppose to go out Tuesday but I won't be able to.

The doctors here say you can take it 2 or 3 times this S.F. one of the cooks here has had it 3 times. I haven't got the candy yet but when Cecil gets out on Monday he can hunt it up for me.

Yes me being in here for four weeks will make my stay in St. Thomas 4 weeks longer.

When I get my 7 days leave I hope to be out west. You see this course is only 18 weeks that will be in August when I finish well then we are posted on different stations some east and some west well I hoe to be west then I get my 7 days leave after being in the R.C.A.F. 6 months I will be close to home and not spend all my time on the train. I can't get a 7 day leave until 6 months is up unless it is a sick leave.

I guess I will have to write a letter to Mr. Stringer to night to Cecil wrote his last night. I got a letter from Archie the other day. I don't know whether to answer all these letters I get or not or wait till I get out.

It sure has been a lovely day here the sun is shinning and all.

Well I guess this all for now.

Your Son

PS Thanks for the magazines and times will you send the times weekly Mrs. Mc Noughton sure would be pleased if she could here Elsies marks would she. Winnie sure must have been pretty in her dress at the wedding.

Has Earl seen any good shows I haven't seen a good show in a theater since I left Moose Jaw