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Date: May 11th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

May 11th 1941

St. Thomas

Dear June.

Well June how is the bike coming I hope you can navigate OK now. I can't remember the combination for the lock June. How is school going you have a pretty strict teacher eh. I'll bet you look pretty good in your suit of blue.

I was on a little trip to-day and saw quite a bit of the country.

Herb and Wally came here last Friday ready to take the course but they are air frame mechanics we call them wood ticks for they work around wood a lot. I had a test in my work yesterday it was on the first weeks work which was on the motor called the Lynx.

Have you seen Archie Wilson on his engine yet I bet he sure likes it.

Max and Jean and Dorthy were asking about you the last time I was up Max and Jean sure are great helpers or Tomboy I guess you might call it for they are out around the Barns all the time.

Well June I guess this is all the news for now write soon.

With Love