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Date: May 1st 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

May 1st 1944
RCAF Overseas

Dear Folks

Well here I am again still kicking about everything in general. How is everything at home. I suppose seeding is under way by now.

I got the letter you wrote on the 16th to-day and was sure glad to hear from you it is the first Canadian mail that I have received for some time in fact it was about ten days since I got a letter from Canada. For a letter to travel that far in five days isn't doing to bad is it.

Here is a list of some of the things that I would like but I think I put it in one of my other letters and that is gum, chocolate bars, these two I imagine are pretty even for you to get. A can of peanut butter or honey or canned ready to eat meats such as prem etc. Blue letter forms and mauren for my eyes. We don't have fire any more in the huts. That fruit cake you sent was nice. I could use some film then I could send you more pictures.

As for my watch it will run one week then go on the hummer and then a week or so later it will be all right again I can't make it out. I will try and take it into the instrument shop here and see what they can do with it.

We had a day off yesterday that is our crew did so we went into Banbury to have a look around for you can't get much further then that on just one day off, We saw a show which I found out I had seen before after I got in the theatre.

I haven't head anything more about my summons yet but I guess I must give it some time. I got a letter from Aunt Thurza to day she writes about once a week but only fills about half the blue form.

Well I soon will be out of this place I finish the course on Thursday I hope then we go on a weeks leave then on to another station.

Earl Wiltsie told me he was coming down to see me but he never got here, he was on leave this past month. I might go up to see him on my leave for a day.

We flew for five hours each night on Friday and Saturday boy it sure takes a lot out of you flying that long, I don't know what I will do when they become seven and eight hr. trips.

Poor Archie so he is having his troubles eh, I can just imagine how Mary is wrapping him around her finger.

Well I guess this is all for to night so I guess I will close. Say hello to all

With Oceans of Love