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Date: May 11th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

May 11th 1941
St Thomas Ont.

Dear Folks:

Well I suppose you will have received my last letter by this time but I put the pictures in the letter just after I got them and didn't write about them in the letter.

They were taken at Southampton most of them.

The Y.M.C.A. took about one hundred boys on a blossom tour to day and Cecil and I were on it. Civilians from up town took us on the ride in their cars it sure was good. The apple trees weren't out in blossom yet but the other fruit trees were. We visited a bird sanctuary and took some pictures of it so when I get them developed I will send them. There were about 20 cars, so they sure go to a great bother to get us around.

Well Herb and Wally arrived here Friday, I met Herb as he was coming out of one dinning hall and I was coming out of another. Ronnie isn't here yet but I guess they sure have some time with him by the way Herb talks. Herb likes it fairly well but he will find a change here for in Toronto the food was much better and less lining up for meals.
Cecil and I were up to see a show in London last night the show was "The Santa Fe Trail" it was sure good.
I sewed the pendant that [?] me on the back of my overalls and then went out on parade, But it didn't stay there long for the W.O. or Major came up and took a knife and cut it off and told me I could be put on charge for wearing it. But he thought that the pendant was pretty good.

Well we start on another engine to-morrow called the "Hornet" we have taken Lynx and Gypsy besides our basics.

I suppose Dads all finished seeding by now, does the new engine work any better then it did.

We have a 24 hour pass coming up next week end I am going to try and make Toronto on it or she will be getting angry at me for not coming to see her.

The next time I go to Grandads we are going to go and get Auntie then go on a picnic at some beach but I guess it won't be for some time for I have to go to Toronto on my next.

Well I am running out of news so I guess I must close for now so Good Nite

With Love

Did you get the chocolates I sent and did they arrive in time for Mothers Day