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Date: May 12th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

May 12 1944
RCAF Overseas

Dear folks,

Well here I am again but today I am in a beautiful sunny surrounding, for I am in the park.

May 13 1944

Well I started this letter yesterday but I run out of ink so I am finishing it to-day.

I am on leave at the present time in Birmingham. Yesterday I was sitting out in the park watching everything. When an elderly man came along and we got talking he told me a lot of interesting things that went on here when they were being bombed. So we had quite a chat for an hour or so. It sure is beautiful over here right now everything is so green and fresh looking. I only hope the weather stays nice for the rest of my leave. Seven days have passed by already and I have six more to go if I don't get called back.

My leave started last Saturday the skipper (Pilot) and I came into Birmingham and we went skating (ice skating) the ice was terrible soft but I walked around a little. They say these English girls haven't got what it takes but boy it would have changed their minds if they had been there. They all wore these short dancing skirts and oh boy? ha ha. I then caught a late train that night up to York where Earl is. I got on the station Sunday afternoon and I had a devil of a job finding him. The service police thought that I was a spy or something and were going to run me in, but one of the boys recognized my number so it all turned out OK. I found Earl about an hour later. I stayed with him three nights and days but two out of three he was on ops. So we had one night to talk over old times etc. Oh and I also saw Walter Eaglestone at York. Him and Earl are in the same crew. Walter has his F/O now (flying Officer) Earl got his flight the day I was there so he is now flight Sergent.

I came back to Birmingham two days ago and now I am going out to a farm for a few days. Its out north of here.

You have a surprise coming on Mothers Day if things work right. And I also got my picture taken this morning so if turn out OK I will send you one. But I won't get them for a month so that means you won't get them for about two months.

The stone fell out of my ring so I have tried about six different places here in Birmingham to get a new stone but its no go.

Well I guess this is it so will ring off for now hoping this finds you all well.

With Oceans of Love

PS I got your parcel and thanks a million I got it the day I left on my leave the oranges were still good.