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Date: May 17th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

May 17th 1941
St Thomas

Dear folks;

I just received your letter yesterday and was sure glad to get it. I got the box of cookies and the roll of mail too, which were both really welcome.

I just had my test on another engine to-day I got along OK I think, we go on another engine next week is called the Merlin It is the engine that you see in them single engine planes and have a smooth sound from the motor. You would see them fly over home now and then. They say it sure is a complicated motor for it is a V motor with 12 cylinders.

Ronnie arrived here yesterday and boy has he got a lot to talk about. He can start talking in the morning and gradually run down at night on the things he did down at Toronto. Tuesday on pay parade in Toronto he fell asleep on a chair and missed his pay. His uniform fits him fairly good I have to get mine altered for the tunick is to big in the waste.

I gave Ronnie my last sheet of writing paper to-day on parade and that is why I am writing on this. I am writing this letter class to-day our instructor gave us our exam this morning and is absent this afternoon so we are to ourselves. There are 12 to a class.

I am planning on leaving here to night for Toronto with another airman in his car he will take me down there and bring me back for 2.25. So I will have just about one whole day in Toronto.

Jeepers but I can't seem to get anything to write about but there sure isn't much doing here.

Cecil was up to see his uncle in St Thomas while he was there he took Cecil to Port Stanly and around. St Thomas is almost full of his relations I was up one night to see one of his relatives Roy Rowe.

There was another variety show here Thursday night it came from London there is suppose to be another show here next Tuesday night. The shows are fairly good. Last night there was a movie on here it was "Jack Benny Rides Again." It sure was comical.

Did you get my picture that I sent and my chocolates that I sent. I suppose they hadn't reached you by the time you wrote your last letter.

So I have a calf eh well that's good news. I guess I might just as well sell it for I am not at home to look after it and if I will sell it to Earl he can look after it and own it too.

I am glad to hear that June has mastered the bicycle too for she will sure be able to get around this summer if the bike last.

Will you send my swimming trunks and running shoes to me for they are starting to swim down here. Port Stanly is now open and many are going down there for swimming and holidays.

Well I guess this is all for now so Good Bye hope this finds you all well

With love