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Date: May 19th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

May 19th 1941
St Thomas

Dear Folks.

I just got back from Toronto this morning at 2 o'clock and boy is Toronto a big place I was completely lost but I found the place all right. I left here Saturday with another airman in a car and got into Toronto at about 20 to 9. I found the house at about 20 to 10 but they weren't home. Like a fool I forgot to write Auntie that I was coming but I stayed at the neighbors until they came home.

I took her one of my photos and she gave me a pair of nitted socks they sure are soft. Auntie sure hasn't changed much from the last time I saw her.

We went up to Elmers for supper on Sunday he sure has a nice place there, he reminded me of Don the first I laid eyes on him. I took some pictures of the 3 of them.

Mr. Scott took me over to Riverdale Park on Sunday morning and we saw the birds and animals it sure was interesting. I also saw the cemetery that the Prime Ministers and was buried in after he was hung at the end of Young st.

But boys is that city big I would never of been able to find my way around by myself.

They want me to go back there on my 48 hr pass so that we could get around more.

I made A mistake when I left I called Elmer Uncle when I said Good Bye to him I never realized what I said until after I had left.

Say is Auntie married to Mr. Scott? Mr. Scott sure is a nice old man he sure keeps you company for he can always carry on a conversation.

After I had seen the corner where Auntie use to live, why I remembered the corner as if I had just seen it a week ago.

Well how is everything going on out there I am on the Merlin engine now and boy is it some complicated motor

June said that you got a lot of chocolates for Mothers Day did you get mine. June didn't say and I was just wondering if you got them or not.

Herb seems to like the Air Force fairly good. Its all right as long as you play ball but just stop playing and boy?

I guess I had better sell my calf to Earl if he wants to by it he can put the money in the bank there at home if he wants to.
If I could get all my money to gether and put it in a lump sum I might earn a little interest. I would have close to $100 I think.

To-day has been fairly hot and when in our blues we sweat like stuck pigs. We aren't aloud to wear summer uniform yet.

When Sid and Doug get here I guess ten of us are going to get our picture taken.

Well I have a few notes to copy to-night and I guess this is all the news that I can think of so Good Night.

With Oceans of Love
Your Son Bill

PS Auntie was thrown on her back in a St. car about 2 weeks ago and knocked her out she was still bruised from the fall. I guess the company are footing the bill.