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Date: May 27th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

May 27th 1944

RCAF Overseas

Dear Earl Winnie & David.

Hi Brother how are we doing just fine I hope, I suppose the crop is all in by now and you are starting on the summer fallow. Well I will soon have been over here all of four months and engaged all of six months ain't that something eh. Yes I arrived here on the 30th of Jan and that will make it four months by the end of this month I am on a new station now and we are changing from two engine aircraft to four engine aircraft so this is the last stage of the game. I suppose you have heard about me having two weeks leave and all well when I went to my new station after leave I was only there a week it was like manning food, just a place to put us until they found room for us on this station.

I just came on here yesterday and so far it looks to be a pretty good station and I hope that it is for I am going to be here a month.

There was a dance here last night a Sergeants Dance so I went (this is the third one since I came to England) it was pretty good plenty to eat and drink. Four of us from the crew went and we all had a fairly good time. The food here is pretty good so far but I guess I will know better in a week or so.

How is David getting along I suppose he will be quite a little man by now. Not likely I will recognize him by the time get back.

I got both yours and Winnies letters in fact when I came back off leave I had sixteen letters waiting for me.

So I had a lot of reading to do and now I have a lot of writing to do inn fact I am only about half caught up with them.

I got my photograph taken while I was in Birmingham on my leave and if they turn out any good I will send you one but I won't know for a month yet for it will take that long for them to be developed.

Well there isn't much news that I can say in a letter so it is pretty hard to write a good one. I got a letter from Aunt Greta the other day and she gave me Donald's the cooks folks address in Birmingham so I guess I will call around there the next time I am in. I didn't get around to looking up Scotty McKays folks but I will try that too next time.

Well I guess this is it for now.


Your brother