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Date: May 28th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

May 28th 1944

RCAF Overseas.

Dear June.

Hi Sister here's your brother at last, I am sorry I haven't written sooner but I have been changing stations lately and haven't had much time to write letter.

Well how is every thing going at home and school work I suppose you will be writing your June exams pretty soon well the best of luck in them any way.

I suppose as you will know by now that I have been on leave for four teen days and where I went so there is no use in telling you that again. When I came back off leave I went to a new station for a week then the day before yesterday we came here to another station and I guess I am here to stay for awhile for a month at least. The station seems to be pretty good so far except they gave us examinations all this morning I guess it was just to see where we stand in the knowledge of what we are doing.

When I went on leave I had to sell my bike so I am without one again but walking isn't to bad on this station for it isn't scattered so much the food is good and the huts I sleep in are fair except that I have no sheets yet.

We just got another member of our crew added on he is a Scotsman he is the Engineer for the crew.

Boy is it ever hot here these past two days it reminds me of good old Sask. In the hot July. The sun is hot and its damp which makes it sulking.

I suppose Jerry is quite a little man by now eh, I'll bet he is quite a hand full for you to handle. I got a letter from Muriel the other day in fact the day I came back off leave I got sixteen letters so I have a lot of writing to do yet.

I suppose you will be glad when the June holidays come so that you can go out to the farm or do you like the town better now.

How is Leila doing these days I hope she is getting better.

Well I can't think of much more to say in this letter so I guess I will have to close for now for I am writing this at noon hour and my time is almost up.

I went to a Sergeants dance last Friday night and I had a fairly good time. It was the third one that I have been to since I came over here Well so long June say Hello to all.

Your Loving Brother