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Date: May 6th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

May 6th 1941
St Thomas

Dear folks

Just received your letter to-day and was sure glad to get it, I just got back from a 48 hr. leave on Sunday night. I went up to Grandads this time, Cecil went with me.

We left here Friday night at about 5:25 and got into Clinton at 10.30. We had trouble making connections, we were going to thumb it but we got cold feet. We arrived in Clinton at 10.30 then I phoned Uncle and he came right away to the bus depot but we came by train, so he couldn't find us so then he went to Seaforth to find me but I was not there then he went from there home. Grandmother suggested that I might of come by train so Uncle comes back Clinton and picked us up at the train station. Just because I forgot to tell Uncle I came by train, we didn't get to Grandads until about 1.00.

The next day Uncle, Cecil and I went to Harriston, Grandad wouldn't go for he said Uncle Lorne drove to fast. From Harriston we went in Uncle Lorne's car with Uncle and young Dorothy to Southampton to do some fishing.

There we got a small ship and went out about a mile into the lake to fish.

Well I caught 1 fish Uncle John caught 1 and Don the cook caught 2 but Uncle Lorne caught 6 so we got 10 all to-gether. The fish weren't biting or something, but we bought some more before we went home. On the way home we went to a show at Listowel then home. On Sunday we didn't do much but some relations came from St. Mary's to Grandads, I forget the name but she was a Grigg and use to live near Grandad and have a daughter that has water on the brain likely you will know who I mean.

Well we had to go back to St. Thomas that night so we came back with these folks and then by bus to St. Thomas. So it sure was a great week end. Grandads now have a 1940 Studebaker.

Don the cook at Lornes went with us on our trip, yes he remembers Earl and he sure is a nice fellow.

I don't have another 48 hr leave until the beginning of June but then I am going to see Aunti in Toronto. I have so many places to go but not enough big leaves to be able to get there.

After I read your letter to-day I went down to a dead parcel pile in one of the squadrons and found the parcel with the pendants in it, it sure is good. I also got your Chinese chew and candy which sure hit the spot. This other parcel must have went to the squadron instead of to the hospital while I was ill.

I have $40.00 in the Post Office now, I didn't by bonds with that for in case I get a 7 day leave or something then I can come home but all about 40.00 I should be able to buy some bonds.

I don't get my interest in there but it is handy in case I want it in a hurry.

Boy they sure have a lot of chores around Grandads no wonder Earl got fed up with it but they have a hired man now and Mac sure helps around there they are milking a lot of cows.

What was the matter with Mrs. Couzins, Willows will seem lost without her.

Uncle Lorne and Auntie knew me because they were expecting me but if I had met them on the street I don't think that would have recognized me. Grandad and Uncle John said they could sure see the Dennison in me. I was at Lornes the first time from Monday noon till Tuesday noon then from Tuesday night until Wednesday evening when I caught the train to come home.

Dinning at the Royal Inn sure was great but then anything is great for a change but it was sure nice. I eat with Uncle sometimes but Dorothy and I mostly eat together. They said who I looked like but I can't remember who it was.

Cecil and I are both in the 57 entry now you can change the number of the entry on the envelope but it doesn't really matter.

They are starting to give us PT in the mornings now and boy it sure is getting me. This Air Force business sure makes you soft.

Grandad expected to see me bigger than I am but this last time I was up he said I should train to be a boxer. I can get the training here for nothing.

I am glad to hear that June is getting to ride the bike and to hear that the seeding is coming along how much is dad going to summer fallow. All the field look like potato patches down here. I think I will go down to Cowards in about 2 months time just when the fruit is in prime.

I haven't got my teeth fixed yet but hope to soon we have to wait our turn to go to the dentist so it might take some time yet. I got my summer uniform yesterday it isn't such a bad fit, I have to get the pants shortened.

My pictures won't be finished until Saturday so I hope to get them home soon.

Well I guess this is all for now

With Love
Ps Will you send me my swim shorts and my running shoes. If the postage is more then there worth then don't send them.

I am holding this letter awhile to get some maps to send with it.