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Date: November 15th 1940
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Nov.15th 1940
Moose Jaw Sask.

To Mom and Dad,


Did Earl take home my ear muffs, I can't remember but I can't find them around here.
The whole house here is practically full of cold there is 6 of us on the top floor here with a cough or cold.

One of the boys in our class started fooling around with the blow torch yesterday and Mr. Donaldson kicked him out but I guess Mr. Donaldson reconsidered it for he is back in here again to-day.

I just came back from the Tech. From having my first welding course. I sure like it, at the first of the night I didn't like it but later on I sure liked it. I watched them arc weld and did some cutting and welding by myself. There are one or two others starting with me. The class that I am joining in with is farther advanced than I am but the instructor says that he will help me until I kind of catch up.

I need those references right away so will you try and get me two different references addressed to the RCAF telling about me.

Cecil wants to know if Dad will give him a reference and if so sent them up with mine. Scotty McKay should be able to give me some shouldn't he.

I suppose the roads will be getting fairly well blocked down there now.

The money isn't hanging out to bad that dollar sure helped. I still have that $5.00 check for welding yet. As far as clothing goes I gess I will have to give in to you I need my winter underwear.

Well they are all in bed here now so I guess I will poltuse my boil and go to bed.
How is everybody down home hope they are all well, I'll bet June looks pretty good in her ski suit.

Well I guess this is all for now please write

Your son