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Date: November 21st 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Nov. 21st 1943
Mont Joli
No 9 B+G School

Dear Folks
Well here I am still at Mont Joli but not for long we leave next Friday night which is just four days away. I haven't been told that I made it yet but I believe I have, we were down rehearsing for the Wings parade. We have another rehearsal to-morrow night and again on Wednesday night.

I haven't found out for sure yet weather I fly home or not but I expect a letter to-morrow letting me know.

This business about being christened I am kind of old for that ain't I (or am I) but we will see when I get home.

We have our graduation party to-morrow night it is going to be a big feed down town and boy it will be good to get a good feed for a change. So you had also better be prepared at home.

I was glad to hear that Leila is improving.

Well there isn't much to say and besides I will be saying enough when I come home so I guess I will sign off for now.

Hoping to see you soon. I will write Ronnie to-night or to-morrow night and see how he is getting along. Say hello to all at home and around

With Love