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Date: November 29th 1942
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Nov 29th 1942
#5 B+G School
Dafoe Sask.

Dear Folks.

I received your welcome letter the other day so I guess I will answer it to-night. It is Sunday night here and there is a show in but I saw it last night, it is Jackass mail starring Wallace Bevy, it is fairly good.

No I haven't seen Reap the wild wind yet but I heard it was fairly good.

Poor Archie why doesn't Uncle let him do what he wants to do its his own life that he has to lead.

Has Bruce or Merv joined up yet or have they been called yet.

Doris Hall is going to take some factorie course in Saskatoon and then go to a factory to the east to work.

Yes I got the skates and thanks a lot I have been skating once or twice the ice is pretty good so far.

No I am afraid I couldn't get down for the concert for they are taking all our 48 away from us in the month of Dec. to make up for the 5 day they are going to give us at xmas and New Years

That picture of St Thomas does make a fellow wish he could walk through it for a couple of hrs or so but that is all the time I would want in St Thomas.

There hasn't been much happing her much but it sure is cold. In the mornings they can't get these new ansons airplanes warm enough to go up and some times when they do go up they cut out up there because they are so cold. Well I guess I will close for now.

With Love to All