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Date: November 4th 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Nov. 4th 1943
Mont Joli

Dear Folks

Received your letter to-day and was ever so glad to hear from you.

We had our first snow here to-day and boy was it cold and damp. I guess winter is here at last much to my dislike.

Well things aren't going so hot hear we wrote our mid term and I am afraid I didn't do so good in it. I haven't gotten my marks back from the written exam yet but I am afraid it won't be good. I also had a wireless test to-day and I didn't do any good in that in fact I failed but I have three weeks to pick it up yet I do hope I can do it.

I start a 48 to night it is the only one that we get while we are here but I don't think I will be going anywhere for there is no place to really go unless it would cost me a lot off money so I am staying in.

Well two weeks from to-night we write our final exam and I sure am glad that we will then be finished in one way or another its either back to Manning pool if I wash out or overseas if I pass. Yes I guess it will be my embarkation leave that is why I want to fly home. For my leave will be short 14 days is what it is. Although there are some picked for instructors for this side of the pond but very few. If you are picked for instructor you do not get any leave but go straight to an instructors course for two weeks.

I sure am glad I can bring the girl friend home and living in Assiniboia will make things better still.

Yes it is too bad that I had to pick an R.C. but the wait goes.

I am sorry to hear about Leila but if you give me Aggies address I will be able to look them up when I hit Regina if I pass.

I am going over to the Airport near hear and find out how much it will cost for me to fly home but I don't think it will be more than a $130 do you think that that is too much to pay if not will you draw it out of my account and send it to me for I only have these weeks left I asked you before but there was nothing said in your letter.

This house in Assiniboia being right near the Liquor store will save me a lot of bother(ha ha).

Well good for Mr. Abbot if he gets here he can pin the wings on me if I pass but I don't think he would like that but then again if I my wings pinned on at all I will be lucky.
Well I guess I will close for now please write soon

With Oceans of Love