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Date: October 10th 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Oct 10th 1943
Quebec City

Dear Folks;

I received your long looked for letter yesterday so I thought I would answer it to-day. Well my fifth week exams have come and gone and I start on my sixth weeek of finals to morrow and boy are my knees shaking I feel worse than if I was writing my grade 9 exams. I made out OK in the 5th week I was still leading the class but that doesn't mean anything for the real test is to come and that is all this week. Two of the exams are 2 hour exams and the rest I believe are one hour tests.

Boy I was sure glad to hear that the crop came off OK but it is too bad that you can't sell it.

I was sure surprised when I read about Lorne Spear, you could have knocked me down with a feather.

I thought Archie Wilson would have gotten his call before now is he going in after harvest or what, he is just the right age for them to nab him isn't he.

Well I went out to a show last night, it was Stormy Weather it was an all Darkie cast, there was some good singing in it but I didn't care for it much.

Well I have a surprise for you, if I come out of this class OK I think I will get hitched. I mean when I graduate and get my wings that is if I last that long. The unlucky girl is up in Melfort a long ways from down here but love will always find a way. (ha ha)

What do you think of the Idea? Maybe not married but engaged at least. I believe I'm the lone wolf of the family now anyway so I think I will try and do something about it.

Will you send my First Aid Certificate that I won while in Moose Jaw or maybe you should wait until I get a new address first for it would have to be forwarded on from here if you were to send it now.

My next move will be to Mount Joli likely but it is possible that I go to McDonald lets hope so anyway.

Well I guess I have said enough for now so please write soon The letter will be forwarded on to me where ever I go.

With Love