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Date: October 15th 1944
Mr. Dennison
C. Loreen McConnell

Oct 15th 1944
Outlook Sask.

Mr. Elmer Dennison
Willows Sask.

Dear Mr. Dennison,

My Brother is a member of the same aircrew as your son Sgt. G J Dennison, so that is the only excuse I have for the presumption of addressing a stranger, and I hope you will pardon one under the circumstances.

Yesterday my parents wrote and told me that my father had met with Mr.Kesselman of Winnipeg, and Mr. Langley of Toronto, and that Mr. Langley ha a few more specific details of the work our boys were doing. I thought perhaps you might appreciate knowing even these scraps of information, comfortless thought they may be.

A friend of Mr. Langley's cabled him from overseas that his enquires had resulted in the facts that there were six boys in Jims crew, a Sterling bomber of special construction for use in high altitudes had been used on that particular mission. It had not been used for 18 months previously. The crew were specially trained and sworn to secrecy. There were two navigators one scotch boy and an English chap, beside the four Canadians whose names we received. An added note was that the boys were all greatly attached to each other.

Somehow, Mr. Dennison this information has helped me a great deal and I feel that they are all safe some where. The long period of waiting for news is so very trying. We are as always hoping and praying for them.

Perhaps some of the others may have already told you these thing. I hope so, for I know my Dad and Mother are helped by such contacts.

C. Loreen McConnell (Mrs. R L.)
Sister of J. D. Campbell