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Date: October 17th 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Oct 17th 1943
No.9 B+G School
Mont Joli Que

Dear Folks.

Well here I am on my new station and it is quite the place to put a station, to-nite you can't see any farther than a hundred yds for fog.

We crossed the river St. Lawrence last night at about eleven o'clock and then came by train from the South Quebec to Mont Joli. We got in here at about 10 AM to-day. I now feel at home being back on a flying station. It is much similar to Dafoe as far as the station goes. They have four hangers and they fly mostly Fairy Battles so its not going to be any joy ride ridding in one of those.

Yes I passed my finals at Quebec but I am afraid I just scraped through by the skin of my teeth as far as code goes. I just can't seem to get it at all. The rest of the subjects I think I did OK.

I got your letter before I left Quebec and was sorry to hear that things weren't going so good at home that's the ups and downs of life

I have my flying suits now and battle dress and boy I sure like the battle dress they are so roomy the jacket is blousey and with plenty of elbow room. If you can get me a film I will try and take some pictures of it.

I guess we are in a war zone down here for we have to black out our windows every night. They have seen enemy subs out here in the river in fact a boat was sunk by a sub here this year.

Did you know that Oliver Hazel is missing overseas I couldn't hardly believe it when I heard it.

Has Don got his Sergeants hooks yet or is he still a corporal I do hope he gets them for I believe he is one that will go a long ways if he makes up his mind to.

I have been thinking of flying home so if you get a letter asking for a hundred dollars don't faint. I mean when I get my leave it would take me four days and as many nights to get there. Whereas by plane it would only take me about a day and a night.

Its to bad that I didn't get to McDonald but that's just the way it goes if I had of been a hold over at Quebec for two more weeks I would have gone to McDonald.

They have raised the Air Gunners pay to 3.20 a day instead of 2.95 as it was before. I bought another $50 war bond. This time I guess I should be bying a $100.00 bond but I am going to try and save enough for air trip home on my leave you see I get $3.00 a day starting yesterday while I am training here. That is $90.00 a month and I send $27.00 out so that leaves me $63.00 so I should be able to save a little out of that.

Will you send me an account of how much I have at home and in bonds for I am planning on bying a ring too so I have big things in sore for the money that I will have on hand at the end of the course.

Boy am I a long ways east I am just about 50 miles from New Brunswick.

Well I guess I have run out of news so I guess I will close for now so with Love to All

Your Son