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Date: October 2nd 1945
Mrs. Dennison
Lawrence Kesselman

Oct. 2nd 1945
Mrs. Dennison,
Willows Sask.

Dear Mrs. Dennison,

Your letter of October 1st to hand, which I thank you. With regard to the addresses of the other crew members. I am pleased to give you the following information.

The crew from what I gather from my brother's letters was comprised of 4 Canadians and 2 Englishmen. The RCAF just listed the Canadians.

Mr. J. D. Campbell ----Austin, Man. His son was the air gunner.

Mr. S. Langley --- 49 St. Clair Ave. W. Toronto Ont. His son was the bomb aimer.

The pilot and wireless air gunner were from England. My brother was the navigator.

Mr. Langley was in Winnipeg yesterday and looked up dad and myself, and we had quite a long talk together. It seems that a Navel Lieut. Was just back from overseas and he contacted Mr. Langley in Toronto. This chap and Mr. Langley's son were personal friends. The boys were all together in London on their last leave, which ended 13th and they told this naval Lieut. That they were doing very secretive work. From what we can gather the boys were not on bombing missions, but on very special missions, of which we shall probably never know the details. We believe that they have every chance of turning up safe. They must have had a very good grew to be picked for work like this. I understand that they fly at very high altitudes and out of the range of anti-aircraft guns, so chances are they had to make a forced landing somewhere and will either be prisoners of war or turn up safe in England.

Mr. Langley mentioned that they were flying a Sterling Bomber. This type of plane has not been used for bombing raids for a year and a half, but is just used for special work.

In this case, the air force will not give out any details as the boys were doing special work, but if we should hear anything more in the future, we will be only too glad to write you.

In the meantime, let us hope that we will get some good news in the future.

Lawrence Kesselman (Brother)