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Date: October 21st 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Oct 21st 1943
No 9 B+G School
Mont Joli

Dear Folks

Well here I am at Mont Joli yet and I just got your letter which I will admit that it wasn't a very cheerful letter. But I was glad to hear from you all anyway. I got the certificate and letter yesterday and letter to-day, they were both forwarded on from Quebec City. I suppose by now you will have received the news that I am away down here in Mont Joli and still among the frogs.

I was up to-day for the first time and I looked out over the country side and saw the river and a convoy going up it. Personally I would just as soon be a farmer following the plow with both feet on the ground as a gunner at least that's the way I felt this morning I didn't get sick or anything like that but I would like to be on the stick instead of the gun.

I am sorry to hear about Dad and Leila it will go kind of hard on Lorne and Lillian is anything does happen to Leila but I do hope that it all comes out in the wash.

And as far as being married is concerned I guess it is out but I believe I will by a ring anyway and get half way to the alter. The unlucky girl is a girl from Melfort and she is a Canadian but she is R.C. I am afraid but the family are awfully nice and they are not very strong in there religion. The R.C. business makes it bad but that's just the way it is.

I think an awfull lot of the girl and that's the main thing I guess. She feels the same way about me so I guess that helps also.

Now here comes the sticker and that is that I will need quite a bit of money if I am going to fly home and by a ring. If I fly home by TCA it will give me two or three more days at home. But the ticket is about $150 or so, so if you draw it out of my account I can replace it later for I will be getting #3.25 a day.

This all depends on weather I pass and get my wings or not. I lead the class that I was in but that doesn't mean that I will still pass them here.

Well I guess it is time to go to work so I will sign off for now but will continue to-night and then mail it.

Well here it is about 9 bells and I have just came back from the show. They have a show here every night and they are pretty good. The one to night was Assignment In Brittiny it was really good with plenty of action and I do mean action.

Well I have decided that I will fly home I can get a deduction of 15% through the R.C.A.F. on the ticket so I guess it will be on wings that I come. So I guess I will need that money out of my account.

Abbot's letter was really interesting boy I would sure like to get down there for a few days. One thing about this war and my remustering I have seen a lot of country and I guess there is a lot more to see also. I will send Abbots letter back with this letter.

Where is Ronnie Corman now has he started on his course and for what is he going through for. I heard about Oliver Hazel from Irma Dean in her last letter.

I also got an identification bracelet from Vancouver for my birthday last July although I just got it about a month ago. It was from Joy Gedess can you imagine that.

How is the canary now is he still singing.

Well I guess I have run down so I guess I will close

With Oceans of Love

PS What did you get Earl's baby with the dollar I sent.