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Date: September 1st 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Sept 1st 1941
Dafoe Sask.

Dear Folks.

Well here I am back in Dafoe I made it all right but was it a close call. I got into Regina at 20 after six my time which was too late to catch the bus. There were 3 of us in the same predicament so we hired a taxi and got the Arrow bus office to stop the bus 20 miles north of Regina We caught the bus there the taxi cost three of us 3.40 but I guess it was worth it. When I was going from the Greyhound Depot to the Arrow Depot who should I meet but Edith Tempelton she's working in Regina I guess.

They had changed the working hours while I was a way and I was late for work this morning but it only amounted to a bawling out so it was all right.

I am writing this letter in the Recreation room they have here it sure is swell big soft sofas and arm chairs and solid writing table made out of Dark Oak. The Floor is covered with a thick maroon carpet and the walls are done in 3 shades of blue with a cream ceiling. the Chaplin also has his office in here. There is plenty of Reading and all sorts of papers.

I met Chester Birchard from Verwood coming up on the bus he is in the RCAF here at Dafoe.

I am going to put in an application for my annual leave to-morrow , I ask the Sergent to-day about my AC1 and he said that he would see about it so I should be getting 10 cents a day more in about a couple of weeks.

There was a new class of gunners come in yesterday and they are all wearing knee pants I'll bet they get them off in a hurry.

My throat isn't so bad to night but it's still hard to swallow.

These new Gunners in here are mostly from Norway I think.

Did you get home OK without running into any rain. We ran into a cloud burst at Southy about 40 miles north of Regina. The ground was just like a lake.

I can't get any harvest leave now I could get it last week but they have stopped any more from getting it. I mean I would have had a chance to ask for it but now it's out altogether.

There is a show here to-night but I saw it down east they charge you 20 cents for a show here. It was free in St Thomas.

This letter will sound funny for I am jumping from one thing to another then back to the first again.

I don't know yet weather I can make home on the 10 or not but I will get there if I can. Well I guess this is all for now

With Love