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Date: September 1st 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Sept 1st 1944

Dear Winnie Earl & David.

Received your most welcome letter yesterday and was ever so glad to hear from you. I am sorry about the lack id letters there for a while but I was in a muddle then between moving on to my new station and going on leave.

I got two very unwelcome letters from Jean yesterday so brace your self for a shock or maybe you are like me knowing what is coming. She asked me in the letter to break our engagement it hit me like a rock and I am still down and I have taken the count of ten. I guess the old saying absences makes the heart grow fonder has proven wrong here.

But maybe it is just as well for if she couldn't wait for me it is just as well we didn't get married.

She wrote me another letter and asked me what I wanted done with my ring photo and a $100 bond that I put in her name or rather it is in my name but I sent it to her.

Well I have asked her to send them on to you hope you don't mind. First the bond I guess you can put that in the bank or give it to Dad. It is the one that I told the folks I was keeping myself I don't know how to explain it but that's it. The Photo is a larger one then I sent mother so you can give it to her and she can give the smaller one to Aunt Greta or someone. If mother will take the big one OK. If not I don't care what happens to it. Now for the ring. I have a question for you Is it right or does it seem proper that I should give it to June to wear or does that seem kind of second fiddle like I believe it would fit June and I now have no need for it. If you don't think this right keep it for me or give it to a junkman.

I don't know what more she would send but they are the main ones any way.

If you have a better idea on ways to dispose of these three things write and let me know will you for right now I am not in a thinking mood.

I really loved Jean with everything I had in fact I though there could be no one else like her but being over here I can't even fight for her so I guess I just have to take a back seat.

Hope this finds you all well etc.

Your brother Bill