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Date: September 15th 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Sept 15th 1943
Quebec City

Dear Folks.

Well today sure was the best day of all days and that was pay day.

I sure was glad to get your letter and here from home and how things are getting along, I just can't seem to get enough mail in this dump. But I dare say it isn't to bad either that or I am just getting use to it. Boy is there plenty of work to this course a fellow does about a hour and a half to two hours every night, I have kept pretty well up to that this pat night, so there isn't much time to gamble or go out.

To-day we went out on the range for the first time and boy it was fun and quite a change compared to school every day. The range is a 25 yd range and we used Vickers gas operated machine guns the gas from one bullet fires the next and so on and boy do they jump and make a noise I didn't do to bad for the first time or at least I thought I did. We also get revolver shooting and Browning machine gun shooting yet. My code is my biggest trouble as yet I just can't seem to pick it up but there are boys like me so I am not alone with my troubles. Boy this stay here sure is short when you get down to think about it. We are just about finished our second week and we only have 3 more to go before we write our finals.

That $10.00 business that happened back in Vancouver was on account of gambling all right. We were playing Black Jack at the boarding house one night and I just got an unlucky streak I guess either that or poor playing but anyway it was $10 shot. I could pay the $10 all right but it left me flat and I wanted to see Van. While I was there so that's why I asked for the $10.00 I should be able save a little here I hope for a rainy day that might be pretty soon if you get what I mean. I am the only one left that is old enough to get married and isn't. But that's counting my chickens before their hatched so I guess I won't say anymore.

What has happened at Dennisons have you heard yet I do hope nothing serious is wrong.

I have a few Newfoundland stamps here that I will send to June there are quite a few of the same kind but she can trade them for other.

I got a letter from Earl Wiltsie yesterday and he says England is quite the place, it was an airograph letter so there wasn't much in it.

They have shows here on Sunday and the Pool and bowling halls are open so it is quite wide open.

I sure was glad that you got up to Moose Jaw to see me as I went through even if it was only for a half hour

Well I guess I have run out of News for now so

With Love