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Date: September 2nd 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Sept 2nd 1943
3813 Pender St
Vancouver BC

Well the word has at last come through, we are heading for (now take it easy) for Quebec. Quebec isn't that awful to go away down there, right from the west to the east of Canada.

We are going down to Quebec for 6 weeks ground school and then we have about two months of flying duties and I hope we don't take that in Quebec. It is likely that we could come out the prairies for it. I will have to learn how to speak French for if I don't know I suppose I will when I am finished.

We leave here to morrow night that is Sept 3. on the evening train by CPR. I came through the Rockies by CNR and going back by CPR so I will get different scenery going back.

I didn't do to bad in my examinations I got an average of 86%. I got 87 in Math, 80 in Code, 97 in Air craft recognition and 72 in English.

How is harvesting coming along I hope the crop turns out well. And how is Dads arm now and Lela did everything turn out all right I hope so. Did you get your Canary from Audry?

Well I guess this is all for now so I guess I will close for now. I will write as soon as I find out my new Address.

With Love