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Date: September 24th 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Sept 24th 1943
Quebec City

Dear Folks.

Well here I am again and I feel much relieved for I have just finished 7 of my exams to day. That is the mid terms exams have the results back from 3 and they were 16 out of 20 18 out of 20 and 17 out of 20 so if the rest are that good I won't kick. We have another big set of exams on the 5th week and then the finals at the end of the sixth week which is only 3 weeks away.

Well it is starting to get cold down here so I guess winter will be here soon much to my dislike. Well I am going to try and get out tomorrow night for a change I haven't been out for two weeks so before I go insane in here I think I will go out.

I got a noculation yesterday and it gave me quite a fever to-day plus headache.

To-day we were out on the range firing machine guns and revolvers and it is quite a change from being in a class room all day.

I came forth in the revolver shooting and I never shot out of a revolver before beginners luck I guess. The machine guns are a lot of fun to and I dare say a lot of noise.

When I go down town tomorrow night I will get Dad something for his birthday so it will be coming latter then this letter.

Will you send me my First aid certificate I get a badge to wear on my sleeve if I show that even if I can't show what I learnt.

I got a letter from Earl Wiltse but he didn't say much for it was an airograph letter.

Well I guess I have said all there is to say so I guess I will close for now hoping everyone is well and fine

With Oceans of Love