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Date: September 8th 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Sept 8th 1943
No 1 A+G T.S.
Quebec City Quebec

Dear Folks

Well here I am down in Quebec and boy they can take me right out again. Boy what a place to put a civilized person. They have us in an Old Catholic childrens home and were packed in like sardines and the grub sure isn't very good. When we go out side the gate we have to go out in twos and fours, at least in twos to be safe on the street, The French here sure hate airmen they gather up in crowds in dark alleys and catch the airmen as they pass by and beat then up. There has been two or three cases of it. When a parade goes down the street they stand in the road and have to be shoved out of the road. The parade yesterday had to have six airmen with fixed bayonets go ahead of it to clear the way. So I think I will stick around camp and just play safe. Every time you turn around you hear someone talking away in French.

We got here last night about midnight, we had a 5 hr. stop over in Montreal, so I went up and saw the town a little. I stopped and asked a man where St. Catherns St. was and he says I no speak English so I stood and looked at him for a while then moved on he sure startled me I thought that at least everyone could speak a little English.

How did Earl make home with his tire and tell Francis the Angel food was very nice.

I tried to get a set of CPR silverware but I didn't fully succeed I got a knife and spoon but I will get the fork on the way back I hope.

The muskmelons were good I still have two yet I got some sugar out of the dinner on the train.

Well I guess I will close for now. I think I will be sending some of my belongings home for we haven't got any lockers here and I have two much junk to carry around with me.

Well please write soon

With Oceans of Love

PS I made my expenses on the train about $5 Satan must have been with me eh.