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Date: May 23rd 1944

May 23

Hello Mother Dad & Gloria Teddy Dorthy & I guess thats all the family you have left now. My mail is really coming through now. I received two more of your letters yesterday straight mail & two from Marg & one from Helen Chaplin. I also received another straight mail I mean airmail from Marg. this morning. I am writing her regualar & she answers with the grandest letters. I would write her every day if I had time. We have been very busy studying the last few weeks. We tried our test yesterday & I got 75 out or 100 in one & 90 in the other. I was glad I got a good mark as my crew are all gen men I want to be as good at my job as the next one. We start flying now & it should be quite a thrill as I have never been up in these ships. I can't wait for those cigarettes to arrive. These English fags are horrible & they cost a fortune to buy when you do get them. I bought two eggs last night for 4 bob. Thats about 50¢ an egg but there worth it to me. I haven't been to town for two weeks now & I don't care. I don't like the girls over here & I don't want to either. The weather is still cold & damp but it is improving slightly. Did you get those shirts & summer shorts & hankys. I need them badly. I send those snaps when I get them. My cold is about the same as ever but I won't go on sick parade. They might ground me & I want to get in my 30 trips & come home as fast as I can. I sent a letter to Ella but it is rather slow as I wrote straight mail. I'll drop a line to Flordia as soon as I get a chance. How is brother Fred. Glad to hear every one is feeling fine. I see dad still thinking about a comeback I wish was in as good shape as he is. I wish I was home for the summer. Canada is lovely in the summer & even in the winter. As a matter of fact all the time. England is very beautiful but it still isn't home to me. Ill be glad to get some leave. Maybe I'll appreciate it better when Im not working so hard. When you send those pictures send me a snap of Teddy alone if you can. Marg is sending some snaps to & I can't wait to receive them She is a wonderful girl & don't you ever think I dont appreciate the fact. I might be away for a long while so I never get mushy with her as I don't want to tie anybody down. If everything is the same when I come home I'll carry on where I left off. Johnny hasn't had any mail for a month except for the one from Borara He can't figure it out. I am getting so I'll eat almost anything now. You should see the weird things we eat in the mess. I never knew. Our gang stick together over here & we have a good time. These seven guys including me, went through Wireless on the same course & we were at Malton together. Well this just about finishes the news for today. I'll write again soon. Did you read about the shooting of those airmen escaping in Germany We are rather upset about it over here. I didn't meet George Hidu coming over on the boat. I was pretty busy coming over. I was joed for gun crew & I spent most of my time in my gun station. It was quite a thrilling experience I'll tell you about it someday.

Hoping to hear from you you soon

My love to the Gould Family