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Date: May 26th 1944

May 26

Dear Mom,

Well today is pay day & am I glad. Pay day is always a happy day in the Air Force. We have moved since I wrote last. The set up here is pretty soft. We are still on a Operational Training Unit & thats all I can tell you. I had one trip this morning, our first trip for the crew & the first time any of us had flown in these big jobs. It was not a very good trip. We made our first landing successfully almost. The starbord tire blew just as we were rolling to a stop. Lucky for us, as if had of gone on first impact as it should have we would have been thrown for a loss. They fixed that by replacing it, & on take off our port motor began throwing oil so we had to land again. All kinds of fun. Maybee we will to better tomorrow.

Well how is everybody at home. We are all fine so far over here. We, went to a dance in town last night & had a very enjoyable time. I haven't had any [?] for 4 or five days but I know there we be some [?] If we would stop moving around we might get [?] You might think my address is funny but actually is very practical. When we move we send a re-address card to Base Post office & that saves our mail following us from station to station. It's also a security measure.

I am very tired today & I think I go to bed at 7 P.M. Imagine me going to bed at seven on a Sat night. Well I am. & have done it quite often over here. Sat is just another day over here. Pay day was yesterday & I am but finishing this letter. They pay us every fortnight in the R.A.F.

How is the weather over there now? It is beginning to warm up over here now. About time I'd say. Has Ella received the letter I wrote her? How is Glorias love affair coming along. Don't think I am inquistive but I just like to know how things are over there.

Those cigarettes haven't arrived yet but they should be here any time now. The mail express is very slow over here. Ill certainly be glad when those parcels come.

Well there is not much more news right now.

The war is definately on our side now & with any luck I should be home for Christmas. I hope. I say goodbye now as I have to write Marg. More later. See you soon. Give my love to Dad & the Family.

Your loving Son Norm.