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Date: August 1916
George Leslie

Camp B�
Wed. P.M.

Dear Cath:

No doubt it was a puzzle to account for the time it took that letter to reach you but I think I can solve the mystery all right. You see it was like this - I wrote the epistle before going in search of a post box and after I had it nicely sealed and addressed I found out there was no such thing in camp so naturally I just had to wait till one arrived. So you see the first three or four days of the journey were spent right here in my tent. You'll admit that I certainly am a very clever detective.

But before I go a bit further I'm going to ask you to do me a favour - I want you to demand an apology from Miss Margs Crawford for saying what she did about the 134th Canadian Highlanders. I'm surprised that she would waste her time reading such reports. The 134th came very near being "mixed up in the fracus." We were called out with fixed bayonets that night about 11 o'clock to defend our camp against a mob who wanted to get even because we wouldn't join them when they attacked the headquarters buildings earlier in the evening. Luckily for somebody the attack didn't materialize and the crowd dispersed when charged by a company of the 170th. But our officers were quite alarmed & we had to sleep in our clothes with our rifles beside us for the rest of the night, ready to be called out at a moment's notice. You see lots of things in the paper but you can tell Margie that I've got a bone to pick with her next time I get home.

I don't think I'll be able to demand satisfaction personally till the end of next week though for we got official notice this morning to be ready to go overseas in three weeks so all furloughs & passes have been cancelled. Half the btn. Go on their final leave Monday and the rest of us will likely get our four days as soon as they get back. I don't believe there are many who will be sorry to leave this dusty camp. I remember saying this would be an ideal camp, but I've changed my mind somewhat lately. The spot is all right but the sand & dust - wow! - I never saw anything like it.

Thurs A.M.

We run across the R- boys every once in a while. So far I've seen Harry B-, Henry B-, Art B-, Orville Poag, Joe A.-, Kruger Downie, Dave Saunders, Jim Gray & a couple of others whose names I don't know. I guess they'd all like to get back to London.

Yes we heard all about Mac & Peggie getting hitched. Pete Bawden told us the first time we saw him that the event was to take place on the 10th and Ine gave me an a/ecof the affair the day after it came off. Well, the long-expected has happened - what will the R- people find to talk about now?

And so Stubby Spence is in the hospital. Why I thought he was in England by this time. I understand his unit left some time ago.

We were out on a night march last night. The battalion left about 4 P.M., marched about 4 miles and then had lunch after which they carried out some manouvres and then came back to camp. We got in about 9.45 and that's when I started to write this letter. I hope it reaches you inside a week.

Well it is just time for the "fall in" so will have to ring off. Hope your mother is feeling much better.