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Date: August 1916
George Leslie

Wednesday A.M.

Dear Cath:

Well here we are once more - arrived safely about 5.30 yesterday afternoon. I suppose you know I got the dispatcher to stop a special about 2 o'clock yesterday morning. It sure was a monotonous trip tho' for I had to wait 2� hrs in Waterford half an hour on the road between Brantford & Hamilton owing to a breakdown an hour and a half in Hamilton and about 3 hrs in Toronto. I was wishing I had stayed over until the 11 o'clock train Tues. morning for I would have pulled in here just as soon but it's all the same now. - Just a minute while I go out and have my phizog took. It won't take more than half an hour and I'll send you one if they turn out O.K.

2 mins later

I think that snap will be simply grand so you can look for it next time I write. It's some of the no. 3 section "white (?) hopes."

Well we're off for Halifax tomorrow night and I guess there won't be many broken hearts at the thought of having this desert. We've been up here just about 3 weeks too long now.

But come to think of it I'm real mad at you. I had hoped you might ask me to have my Xmas dinner with you and you never even mentioned it - didn't even give me a hint. All right, maybe Violet will kill a few turkeys for me when she hears that the 134th have chased the Germans off the map.

Saw I guess Lawrence must have been having a high old time while he was home. He told me this morning that he hired Weir's big launch and took a whole load of girls (20 at least) out for a ride and then went to the I.O.D.E. dance and danced with every one of them. Lawrence is getting to be a regular old sport since Muriel turned him down isn't he? I certainly missed the time of my life when I let him go home without me.

I'm going to take a cake of honey down to the mess tent today. Will tell you later how long it lasts, but I'll go a shilling that it disappears in a whole lot shorter time than it took the Crawford bees to make it. Your mother will think I'm a nice guy to take it without even saying "Thank you." It slipped my mind entirely but you can tell her I certainly appreciate it just the same.

Well so long. I'll write you again as soon as we land.