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Date: July 7th 1944


Dear Mother.

I suppose when you receive this you will have finished your holidays. I hope you have had a good time & everything went off as planned. The weather is a bit better now but its still not summer.

They are working us pretty hard now as we are nearing the end of our training. I am in good health except for a slight cold & being quite tired as we don't get much chance to sleep. We didn't get much sleep today not getting finished till 7 A.M. this morning & up again at 12 noon. We are schedueled for the same thing again tonight. Oh well we will make up for it on our leave. I hope that money gets here on time.

I received some cigarettes from De Hav. & some from Marg. I must write De Hav. & thank them. We sure do appreciate cigarettes over here. I think I will be going to London despite the F Bombs & see Auntie Gladis. I am dying to meet her. I received a couple of letters from Ella & Marg & you. Sure is nice of big sister to write. We took some pictures of the crew. I'll send them over when they are developed. My pilot name is P.O. Weiss - Toronto. P.O. Moran - Kingston. Nav. F.O. Quirt. Vancouver - Bomb Airmer. Sgt. Cumming - New Brunswick - Mid Upper Gunner. Sgt Gallant - Prince Edward Is. Rear Gunner & myself. All single & a gem crew if I do say so myself.

So Eve phone you in Toronto. She hasn't a very good telephone voice I know. She is really a good kid though. How goes everything in Fairbank. That name sound good to me. I sure will be glad to see it again I am glad to hear Fred is writing me a letter I will be tickled to hear from him. I haven't saw much of my big brother the last few years.

Its nice to hear about Teds progress in School. I think he will be the scholar of the family if he only keeps it up. Is dad still keeping in shape for the big race he hope to enter soon. We have a muscle course coming up after this I think. It will be hard on me as don't get any exercise attall over here.

Marg & I are keeping a steady corresponence. Just before you wrote about that dream I had a dream that I was home. It was so real & I hated to wake up. If things keep on the way they are I should be in the big battle soon. We have had a hand in a bit of it already. Our Canadian boys are doing a fine job over there. I wish I was with them

Well I guess thats all for now except to say I am thinking of you all back home always & hope to be home soon. Give my love the family & Dad

I remain Your Loving Boy Norm