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Date: June 20th 1944

June 20

Dear Mom

I received you letter today. The airmail of the third. It's hard to believe about Doreen. It's a terrible shock to me. I have a letter here half written to her. I started it on the way back from Aberdeen where we spent our leave. She was such a beautifull healthy girl I can't see what happened to her. I thought more of her than any of my relations & I just can't believe it. I don't know whether I should write Auntie Winnie or not a I don't quite know what to say. What do you advise.

The weather over here is cold & damp as usual I don't believe we are going to get Summer over here attall. How about sending some of yours over. I put my watch in hawk for 4 quid like I said I might do. I shouldn't have done it but I just had to get away from this hole for a few days. I will get it out on Pay day. The only trouble is it will put me in the hole for my ten day leave coming up in a month.

Johnny, Wally, & I went up to Aberdeen for 3 days We went around & saw Marion. She has a thriving Beauty Saloon & is doing allright. She hasn't changed a bit. I met Helen & Johnny Rothony. Helen has grown to be quite the girl. We only say them for a half hour & we were supposed to drop around the next day but we had some trouble & never got time to see them again.

Don't be alarmed that my mail is not or I should say was not getting through. All the boys have had the same trouble. I think it was because of the second front starting We had some indication it was starting before it actually started & they didn't want us writing home about it.

I am out of airmail forms till next month so I shall send the rest of my letters straight mail It takes about a month so my mail will be held up again. Tell Ella to forget about those forms I'll manage O.K. without them. I shall write her this afternoon. We start night flying tomorrow & I am not looking forward to it attall.

Well I out of paper again. Give my reguards to all my friends & all my love to You & Dad & the family I remain you Boy Norm