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Date: June 23rd 1944

June 23/44

Dear Mother

I recieved your parcel the other day. The one with the swim trunks in it. It is funny why it should get here after the other one when it was mailed weeks before the other. I hope you are receiving my mail now. It was held up the same as every one mail is on account of D Day. I have really been burning up paper lately. I wrote four letters last night & three the day before that. Johnny has recieved a raft of mail & one parcel the other day I want to thank you again for the parcels, especially the cigarrettes. They sure do give you a lift. My mail is coming through O.K. now. I hope you are getting my letters now. My cold is a lot better lately. I am taking those pills reguarly like you said. As far as flying goes I am as fit as the rest of the boys. I have never been air sick & my sinuses are perfect. All I have is that clinging guitaral condition. Seems like I spend most of my spare time writing letters. You can't get letters if you don't write & it is quite a job to answer them all. I recieved one from Ella & I have sent a answer airmail. I am writing some straight letters now as I can't get enough forms although I do manage alright. You say by you last letter you have sent soap in my last parcel. I did need it bad at the time but things are different now, The laundry service over on this station is good & we can buy all the soap we want, but it may come in handy. If not I can always give it to Auntie Gladis. She could do with it I know. When you get the details on Doreens passing away please sent them as I am very much shocked & bewildered. I dont know what to make of it.

Now don't get mad. I said I wouldn't do this but it is necessary & will be the last time. Please send me as soon as you get this letter by telegraph or the fastest possible way $25 for my next leave. They don't pay you before you go on leave on this station I want to go to London. My next leave is in 3 weeks or so & I want to have a good time. When we leave here & get on OP's which will be RCAF station we can draw our pay plus 14 bob a day living out allowance which these R.A.F. won't give you. My Flight was due 4 days ago & I am getting paid for it but it won't come till 3 months or so after & then In a lump sum & I will send it back to you. Well I have a lot to say & no spare or time so I will write again tomorrow & give you the gen. Give my love to the family and Dad

Love Norm.