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Date: July 15th 1944

July. 15

Dear Mother.

Well I guess your holidays are all over & you are settling down to work again. It is Sat night & we are waiting for our last night trip. When we finish this we will be all finished our flying at O.T.U. Thats two steps so far. We have two more to go. Conversion unit & Operations. Hope we have us much luck with them. We have had a few close calls but we are still on top. I haven't had a night off in 9 days & I am tired of all this work & no play. Its no fun working night after nigh & afternoon too. Oh well, we start our 7 days leave in 4 or 5 days. I am hoping you received my letter asking for the money before you went on leave as I am counting on it to be here or hoping before my leave starts. I received your parcel the other day & the lovely birthday card It was so nice it made me cry. The pen is wizard & I dont have to tell you how much I appreciate the food. It is 4 days off my birthday. This will be the first one I have spent away from home in my life. It is a big day in my life. I dont feel like a man though although I guess I have to grow up someday darn it. I received cards from my dear little Marg & one from Barb, too. I must find more time to write Barb as she writes me quite a bit. I have a sore throat a stiff neck & a earache tonight, but I hope they will all go away soon I am taking those pills regular & they are helping a lot. I have some pictures of the crew & we are taking some more. I'll send them along with the one taken 2 months ago when I get duplicates. They are pretty good too.

We are still getting rain & cool weather day in & day out. What I would'nt give to see a cloudless Canadian summer sky. I think I told you I got cigarettes from Marg. & De Hav. They sure do go good over here & I do mean go.

How is everybody at home. All in good spirits I hope. We are over here, an we know we will be going home soon, if we aren't drafted out to the Middle East to fight the Japs. As much as I wan't to come home I wouldn't mind it as I have a intense hatred for Japan & all they stand for. I am pretty sure of going to London on leave dispite the Doodlebugs, as I want to visit Auntie while I have the chance.

Well goodbye for now, I am thinking of & You & Dad & the family & will see you sooner than you expect

Love Norm.