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Date: September 11th 1944

Sept 11

Dear Mother

Hope you will excuse the pencil but I have a few spare moments before we fly & I want to get this written before I put it off any longer. I received 2 letters from Auntie Gladys & have written her once & another is on the way shortly

Well I didn't get the time to finish this letter as I had to go up on our trip. That blotch on the paper is my little kittens footprint. Hes about 2 months old & really cute. I expect some more leave soon & I will be going to London for a spell. I received 2 parcels of cigarettes from the Legion a couple of weeks ago. I will write them a letter & thank them. I received cigarettes from Ella today. Your parcels are still on the way

That cheque hasn't come yet. I have been waiting for it every day. How is everybody at home. Fine I hope. I guess everybody is wondering how much longer it will last with Germany. If the rumours are true we might not be in this country when its over. It seems like we are going to a very warm country a long way from here mother. I am going to have a good time while Im still in Eng. because where we go, will not be very much of a place for fun. I hope we don't go as I wan't to go home from here but we have no choice in the matter. So much for that. It may be all [?] our & I hope so. I received a letter and a snapshot from my dear Marg. She tells me she met you & dad last week & you were all looking fine. I wrote Mrs. Jones another letter & also Fred Jones to. The weather has been cool the last few days but it has at least stopped raining.

We are still flying a lot, as ever. These Lanks are a good kite & quite a sensations for us to My new English Engineer & I get a long very good together & we are steadfast friends already. He is a Londoneer & a good bloke.

Well thats all for now mother dear. Give my regards to Pop & the family. Loads of luck & keep smiling.

Your Loving Son Norm