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Date: September 30th 1944

Sept. 30.

Dear Mother.

Just got back from 2 days leave which I spent in Nottingham. We had a marvelous time. I was going to London but 2 days is not sufficient time for a journey like that. We will be going to a squadron in 5 days time & all going well we will get 7 days leave from there. Wally Loth & the rest of the boys have already gone to a squadron. Please excuse the pencil as I am out of ink & there is none around. It is Sun. afternoon we are down at the mess. We have finished flying for the day & just had dinner. It is raining now & also its a mile to our billets so we are stuck here for awhile. Do you remember the story Robinhood. Well I was introduced to the Lord Mayor & the Sheriff of Nottingham while we were up there. I met the manager of Spalding & Griffith at the overseas club in Nottingham & he asked Wally & Loyde & myself to a businessmens dinner. All the big shots of the town were there including the Lord Mayor & the Sheriff It was very ceremonial. They both wore their chains of office & when he announce us as guest we had to stand & bow to the Lord Mayor. It was very interesting & after the dinner we had a talk with the Lord Mayor & the Sheriff & their really not as bad as their forefathers were in Robinhood. We had a lovely time up there. plenty of good food & a good bed & we are going up again sometime. I am going to write Auntie Gladys & tell her I'll be down to see here in 4 days time as we should be starting our 7 days leave then.

I had 2 more lovely letters from Marg yesterday & I answered them today. I am striving desperately to keep up with my mail as Iknow everybody at home likes to know how I am. I haven't received and of the cigarettes you sent. The first lot have been on the way for 7 or 8 weeks according to your letters & I don't know what has happened to them.

We will be starting our operations as soon as we come back from leave. From now on its no longer training, but the real thing. I think we are ready for it.

Well thats all for today mother. I hope everyone at home is well. Give my love to Dad & the family. Ill be home soon mother. Your Loving Son Norm.