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Date: October 6th 1944

Oct. 6

Sgt. Gould A.N.
R.C.A.F. Overseas

Dear Mother.

I just wrote 2 letters one to Aunty Gladys & one to Aunty Winnie. I wrote Aunty Gladys 2 days ago saying I would down to see her Friday. We were to get leave today. We arrived at our squadron yesterday & were to start leave today For some reason or other it is postponed for a few weeks. I wrote her again tonight & told her I wouldn't be down. This is only going to be a short note as I have to get to bed & catch up on my sleep as I have a hard day ahead

Well I didn't get this finished last night as I entended to so I'll dash it off now. It is Fri. morning now. We are not flying today & we are just going around finding out from our sections what we are expected to do. We will do a few training trips first & then hang around till they are ready to put us on a operation. It is interesting to see the A/c take off bound with trouble for Jerry & come home some hours later. This is really a wonderful organization & makes me wonder how they do it. Its all timed so perfect & they all go out & come back so perfect it is a thrill to watch.

Have you seen Marg lately. Did she come up & show you the pictures. There is a parcel for me at the post office. I am anxious to get down & see if it is those cigarettes I have been waiting for. We get leave once every 6 weeks of flying from here. The leave is 7 days. We can't go off the station only very seldom as you are standing by for operations 24 hrs. a day. Some of the boys in our hut are finished 32 ops & they are through this tour & are going for a well deserved rest. There are another two here not so lucky.

We have no idea how long it will take us to finish a tour here. I hope we get through in a hurry. We are on one of the best squadrons & the most important in this country. We got that because our Nav. is so good & also our pilot.

How is everyone at home. Hope you are all fine & happy. Well that is all the news for today. I write again in a few days A.M. & let you know how we are making out. Give my regards to Dad & the family Mom. I'll be home soon.

All My Love