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Date: October 9th 1944

Oct. 9.

Sgt. Gould A.N.
R.C.A.F. Overseas

Dear Mother.

I received 4 letters today. It sure was a lift. I haven't had any for 2 weeks or so & we are all feeling pretty depressed. I told you we are on our squadron now. We were supposed to get a weeks leave when we got here but it was cancelled. On Sat. they said we could have leave starting this morning. We filled out our passes & started making plans. I was going to London with Doug & I was going to stay with Aunty Gladys. We were were going to have so much fun. On Sun. afternoon the C.O. cancelled our leave & told us we had better stick around for 3 weeks or so & get some flying in. It just about broke our hearts. We are used to that by now though. Nothing is definite in this outfit until it happens.

Bud has a 48 pass & has gone to see his brother who is going back home. He has one arm off & a lot of broken bones as result of action in Normandy We are hanging around all day doing next to nothing. We won't start flying till the skipper gets back. We will do a week or so of training & then start on our Op's. With any luck we should finish our tour in 4 or 5 months. By that time I will be due for my Warrant Officer 1st class I should get my flight sgt. any day now as it is 4 months overdue. We most likely will come home for 2 months rest after our tours & then. The reason for the rest is because by the time you do 30 trips your nerves are in a bad way. You should see the thousands of bombers going out to paste Jerry. All day & night they are going out mostly all coming back to. The losses are very low lately & thats goods.

Im looking forward to our first trip with a very excited spirit. From some of the stories it is very scaring & exciting. Bud has sent the neg. in for developing of those we took in Trafalgar Square but they are very slow arriving. I'll send them off as soon as I can.

Well I have run out of paper & have so much to say. I write again in a day or so.

My regards to the family & love. Goodbye for now Your loving Son Norm