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Date: August 3rd 1945
Mr. Gould
W.M. Wismer

OUR FILE R163068 (R-4)

OTTAWA, Canada, 3rd August, 1945.

Mr. A.H.J. Gould,
133 Bowie Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario.

Dear Mr. Gould:

Further to my letter of May 14th, concerning your son, Flight Sergeant Albert Norman Gould, a report has now been received from Overseas containing additional details.

This report, which originated from captured German documents, states that your son's aircraft crashed at Speck near Neukirchen, in the area between Grevenbrotch and Neuss, Germany. Identification discs belonging to Sergeant Commins and to Flying Officer Moran were found at the scene of the crash. The report further states that seven unidentified bodies were recovered and buried in the Neukirchen Cemetery near Grevenbrotch on November 5th, 1944. As there were eight crew members of your son's aircraft and only seven bodies were recovered, efforts are still being carried out to establish positive identification of the bodies.

In accordance with established procedure, Air Ministry Overseas, is now taking action to presume your son's death for official purposes. When this action is completed, you will receive official notification by registered letter from the Chief of the Air Staff. Pending completion of this action, your son is still to be considered "missing".

It is the duty of the Graves Registration Units, which are under the control of the Military Authorities to enquire for and locate the graves of all personnel known or believed to have crashed and to have been buried in occupied areas.

A Royal Air Force and Dominion Air Force Missing Research and Enquiry Service has been organized for the purpose of research and enquiry in liberated territories into the circumstances of aircrews reported as casualties. This service endeavours to obtain additional information to supplement that already received. The civilian population of these areas is being contacted by Radio, Press, and Proclamations through the various civic authorities to centralize through this Service any information or concrete evidence they may have about Air Force personnel or crashed aircraft. Similar instructions have been issued to all Service Personnel in these areas.

I wish again to assure you that when any additional information is received concerning your son, it will be forwarded to you. However, I am sure you will realize that owing to the chaotic conditions existing in Europe at the present time and the great number of enquiries confronting these enquiry services some time may pass before more information is received.

May I extend to you my deep and heartfelt sympathy in this trying time.

Yours sincerely,

W. M. Wismer c/o

R.C.A.F. Casualty Officer,
for Chief of the Air Staff.