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Date: 1915
Howard Curtis

Machine Gun Section
2nd Battalion, 1st Brigade
Canadian Division, B.E.F.

I have been reported in England suffering from gas, however I was only affected for three days and never left the battalion. Some of the boys have had letters from Heber Roger. He seems all right in Germany and will miss the rest of the scrap. Excuse my wartime writing. There are no tables to write on here. We hear rumors about the 2nd Contingent. Some say they won't break up to reinforce us. We are sadly in need of men to fill the gaps in our ranks. It looks as if there is need of more recruits from Canada. I think we could give a few points to the men of the 2nd - things that we learned from fighting the Germans. Perhaps they don't like it because we were praised for our part in the war. If they had been in the trenches with us, praise wouldn't seem much of a prize ...

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