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Date: July 24th 1944
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

Coal Harbour, B.C.
July 24, 1944

Hello again, Mom and Dad --

Here I am again, back in the bush and feeling just as bad as ever. I really had a swell furlough, though. I left the station on the night of July 1st and the boat left Port Hardy on the morning of the second, at 6.30. The boat was rather crowded so it wasn't very comfortable. The weather was drizzly when we left but we were well burnt by the wind and the sun before we reached Vancouver. We docked about 4.30 A.M. on the 3rd. The city atmosphere was struck me like a blow, and I immediately felt like getting back on the boat. Anyway, two other fellows & I went to a restaurant and had some coffee and sat there until business started opening up. We wanted to make reservations for the return trip, & they wanted to get the boat for Victoria. Then I checked my bag, sent some post cards & phoned the Fearnleys, to them know I had arrived.

They are really swell folks, and treated me as one of them. Aunt Emma is a little deaf but we got along fine. I stayed there for the 3rd & 4th and left at 9 A.M. on the 5th. They have a dog, Bruno, just like Eatock's, only older, and a black kitten named Randy, and a little blue bird, like the one Mrs. Pyke has, that talks. They call it Bobby.

I arrived in San Francisco about 11 P.M. on the sixth. The trip was nice but it was hard sleeping sitting up on the train. I had a little trouble with the street car system at first and it was about a quarter to one in the morning when I finally lugged my bag up Duboce…..

…..take to all the points of interest.

I stayed there until the 9th, when I went over to Aunt Nellie's place and we drove down to Colin's place, but they were away and we came back without seeing them.

I stayed with Aunt Nellie & Uncle Wallace the 10th, 11th and 12th and on the 13th we drove down to Colin's again we saw them this time.

… get it developed. She will send the pictures to me. I smuggled the camera & three rolls of film in with me, so I may get some pictures of this country if I'm careful.

I've go to run now to get this in the last collection. I will write more later for the next mail. Hoping this finds you well, so long for now -


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Original Scans