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Date: March 3rd 1945
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

R-208467 L.A.C. MOORE, J.L.
#436 SQDN. R.C.A.F.
Mar. 3/45

Dear Mom & Dad,

I feel a little better tonight because I got seven letters, my first mail for a long while. I was away for a while so I don't know just when it came. Some of us had to fly out to a maintenance unit with a kite that was due for new engines. We had to work hard and fast but the two flips (there & back) mean a little extra money and they were rather exciting. There air was quite bumpy, but I don't get sick any more. The last time was just before landing on the hop from Alliford Bay to Coal Harbour. It is a queer feeling to be flying along and drop a few hundred feet. Queerer still was the time we jumped up 800 feet, just like that. I got two of your letters today. Ordinary mail, of the 10th and the 15th of Feb. With them I got two from Mary Anderson, one from Galt, one from friends in Quatsino, B.C., and a nice little Christmas card from Colin & Alice. I don't know where I am going to get the time to answer them. One letter at night by this small lantern in our tent and my eyes are sore. I have been feeling fed up with this war lately and seem to have lost all ambition for writing, reading, or anything. That reminds me of the lines -- , "I think of you, and in my sadness, find no comfort, but in sleep." That's about all one wants to do here when the work is done. We just go and eat from habit most of the time and not because we want to. Thanks for the gum and the news. I'm sorry to say I've no mail from England lately. I guess the mail always comes in bunches. I think I'll make some OXO and go to bed. Hoping this finds you both well, so long for now -- Love,


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