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Date: December 2nd 1917
Roderick Anderson Todd

No.3 Ward
No.2 Military Hospital

Dec.2 1917

Dear Mother-

Once more I take my stubly old pencil in hand to give you a detailed account of your erring sons dounge. Yesterday was voting day for Canadians and at 10-00a.m. a car waited outside to take myself & 6 others over to No.1 Hospital where I formerly resided and where the voting was to take place. After swearing the usual whole truth etc. stunt I plunked one in for the opposition- Anti-conscription. Then it behoove me to go up to my old ward and see if any of my mail had been recieved there. I beat it upstairs and the nurse in charge handed me 5- count ‘em letters- 2 from Greenock, one from Glasgow, one from Dundee and one from Liverpool. Some shower. All joined in symphthying with their poor dear cousin or nephew as the case might be. It certainly was kind of them to sympathize but really I am in no need of sympathy. Aunt Bella was rather worried & upset until she recieved my letter, as the chaplan wrote her from France at my request, as I figured she might see my name in the casulty lists and not know how bad I was damaged. She places too great a value on her nephew. I think there is no need to worry oneself sick about him. I bet you have been doing the same thing and when I get back Ill either spank you or put you to bed without supper for punishment.

All is well at Liverpool & Glasgow. Aunt Jean-Dundee- is at present in the hospital undergoing treatment for neuritis. I think I mentioned this in a previous letter.

When I got back here after a fine ride in the car thru sunny Exeter, the glimpses I have had of the town make me eager to be out exploring it. I was sent to the Quarter masters stores for shoes, great coat and hat. I put them on and went out and spent a delightful hour exploring the grounds in the warm sunshine.

It felt good to be out on my own pins for a spell. During the afternoon I got another letter from Aunt Bella, I was well supplied indeed.

Today I have been taking life easy, lying around reading "David Harum" some story all right. Old Dave is some lad. Being Sunday all the convalescent lads paraded to church behind a band. It was great to hear the chimes playing. During the afternoon there were several visitors in who came around and spoke to me. It certainly was good of them is bother.

Tomorrow I expect to get mail from Canada I wrote to our postal orderly of the 13th telling him of my new address about 8 days ago but it takes about 4 days the the mail to go each way so tomorrow is the earliest that I may expect letters. There ought to be a bunch of letters for me so I will have a literary day.

I have had no news of Lee yet but hope for some tomorrow or the next day. However I am not worrying at all.

How are all the folks at home. It will be getting near Christmas when you recieve this letter so I suppose you will be plunged in the depths of preparations. Rest assured that I will have a good time too, the Canadian Red Cross will take care of that and don't let your time be spoiled thru thinking that I will have no fun. How is Isabels house, keeping coming along? Has she got the man secure yet? She must be an artfull minx to say the least.

I meant to send over some Xmas presents but my plans are upset. I have not yet recieved the money I wrote for so my Xmas gifts will probably arrice in time for New Year or latter. However, my intentions were good.

Well, pass on my Merry Xmas and happy New Year to all the folks. And especially to the family.

Here is where I quit.

Your loving son

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