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Date: January 9th 1946
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

Jan. 9/46

Dear Mom & Dad,

Many thanks for the swell card. It came at noon today which made it very nice. I hope this finds you all well there. I don't know whether I'm feeling better or just getting used to everything. This makes the third birthday I've spend in barracks writing letters. I was going to try and get into town to a show or something but a gale has come up and I wouldn't even cycle to the canteen tonight. I don't mind it so much though because I had a 48 Sunday & Monday. I had planned a 48 for today & tomorrow which I was going to spend with Aunt Molly. Her birthday was on the 8th. Joyce's is on the 19th. We got some new men in however, so our 48 schedule was changed. We get the afternoon before, and the morning after a 48 off which is generally taken up with travelling. I spent my 48 in L'pool with Mary Weston. I think I've told you about her before. She was the first English girl I met. It's nice seeing Aunt Molly & Joyce & Jim, but I like having a little fun too. I'm sorry I don't write home as much as I should, but when I'm not working, I'm either getting ready to go away, or doing laundry when I get back. I've got a lot of cards & parcels to acknowledge too but I don't know when I'll be doing it. I guess you'll be alone again with Margaret & Ray gone. I'm glad that Jim is out at last. I'm afraid I owe him a letter, too. We had a parade to hear some brass hat this afternoon and it still looks like next Sept. is my earliest chance of getting back, so I am going to make the best of it. I can understand Dad wanting a better job but I hope you don't move because it sure won't be like coming home if I have to chase around some strange town trying to find your new place. I've met a lot of English boys around this county in that very predicament. Just back from overseas and can't find their people. It takes away all the joy of getting back. I think I've written you about my Christmas and New Year's. I can't remember who I write or when anymore. I haven't got the time to look after a lot of correspondence like I had in Burma. I'll thank you now for that birthday box. I'll let you know if it arrives okay. I'm glad to hear that Cliff got home for a while. I owe him a letter. So Ernie's out now too. I guess Auntie's glad. I've never written to Alan nor have I heard from him. I've been going to get his address from Aunt Molly but I never do. Johnnie Drew and I have been together nearly all the time. He & I volunteered for Alaska from St. Thomas but we didn't get it. He lives in Alton, north of Toronto. Yes I'm looking forward to spring and summer here. Mary likes cycling & swimming so I hope to have some good times when I can get up there. I'd better turn in now, so goodnight. I'll try to write again soon. Your loving son,


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