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Date: November 13th 1943

# 10 E.F.T.S./R.C.A.F.
Pendleton, Ontario

Dear old Rovoot: -

Got your letter darling. Thanks a helluva lot fer the jolly old laundry. I've been meaning to write for about 3 or 4 weeks, if [?]. but you know how she goes. Ground school, lunch, fly supper, sleep, fly, lunch, ground school, etc. Mouse is up here now. Came in today. So we'll quaff some few of steins together ce soir. Wish you were up her to quaff ‘em with us, old brown, but you'll be somewhere in Canada by the time we get a couple of 48's synchronized. I'm getting one next weekend, and more all thro' December till the end of our course.

When I [?] we may get two weeks. Shangri-La. Or how about a couple of days off the Xmas leave. Wire or write if you decide on anything and perhaps we'll head for ze border. Poof!

Until I hear from you, then, old cock, give mine regards to the petite senorita.

Your rootful Fran,


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Original Scans