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Date: April 2nd 1917

C.G.D. Coy,


April 2nd 17

Dear Mother,

I got back from leave on Sat night after having the time of my life for eight days. I did not go to see Mrs. Adams this time but spent my leave in Croydon. I stayed at Prescott Row's place most of the time but spent an evening over at Forest Hill with the Groses.

On Thursday I went up to London with Mrs. Thornbery and had lunch at the Regent Palace Hotel. In the afternoon we went to the zoo and had tea there after we had seen the animals. We took a walk around Regent's Park and then got a taxi back to the Picadilly Hotel and met Mr. Thornbery there and had dinner. After dinner we went to His Majesty's Theatre and saw Chu Chin Chow, a sort of Arabian Nights play.

When I got back on Saturday night I got to bed about twelve but was up at 5 in the morning for a muster parade. I was then told off for guard at eight and was on all day Sunday.

I suppose you know that Syd was in hospital about two weeks ago with trench fever.

I have had no letters from Dad for a long time but then the mail is all balled up. I have had no Canadian mail since I have been down here. They keep changing us around so much that we never know where we are or how long we are giong to stop here. I am having all my mail sent through Prescott Row's address. I like this place all right but it makes it mean when I do not get my mail.

I wrote to Syd but I have had no answer yet. My fountain pen has played out of ink so I shall have to wait until tomorrow to get some more.

Love to all,